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Resources to Explore the Custom Home Design-Build Experience with Artisan Constructors

Find ideas and inspiration for a new custom home, outdoor oasis, or kitchen and bath renovations. The Artisan Constructors’ online project portfolio allows you to sort projects by type or location. Each individual project also includes an extensive slideshow of images; scroll through photos to see detailed close-ups of Artisan’s work and unique design components. New projects will be added to the portfolio; check back frequently for page updates and project highlights.

Explore topics about the custom build process via the Artisan Constructors Resource Center. Find answers to common questions, articles about design trends, news about the company, and so much more!

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FAQ: Artisan Constructors Answers Custom Homes Questions

Artisan Constructors answers the most common questions about building a custom home, the design process, project timelines, and more!

  • What is a custom home?
    A custom home is a home that is designed specifically for the buyer. A custom home integrates various features and specifications. Each home includes features, design elements, and even building materials requested by the customer. Home builders specializing in custom homes often work closely with an architect to design a home that fits the vision of each homebuyer. Custom homes can include any layout. A custom home can be simplistic or extremely intricate.
  • How long does it take to build a custom home?
    Construction timelines for each project vary. The complexity of the project, the size of the home, and the weather impact the timeline. However, the team at Artisan Constructors communicates potential timeline delays to customers to ensure they understand any project-related issues. In some cases, material shortages may occur; the team works with each customer to discuss other options.
  • How to build a custom home on a budget?
    Artisan Constructors works with all budgets to create a dream home aligned with each customer’s financial expectations. Artisan Constructors never sacrifice quality or craftsmanship for those on a tighter budget. To ensure projects stay on budget, the team will make recommendations related to features, design details, and layout. Those who choose a custom home typically understand that the final cost will be higher than a spec home from a large-scale builder. While Artisan Constructors works with different budget points, buyers who want maximum square footage at a small price might find that the custom home experience isn’t their ideal option.
  • What to ask when finding a custom home builder?
    Every custom home builder offers something unique. When meeting with a custom builder, customers should feel free to ask as many questions as necessary to find the right builder for their dream home. Inquire about home warranties, project timelines, deposit expectations, and the design-build and inspection processes. Research the builder’s reputation through the Better Business Bureau and read reviews to explore how the builder handles the customer experience.
  • What makes a home energy efficient?
    Artisan Constructors specializes in building energy-efficient custom homes. More home buyers understand the cost-saving and eco-conscious benefits of choosing energy-efficient features and fixtures. Energy-efficient homes save energy through layout/design, appliances, fixtures, and other features. An energy-efficient home can incorporate ENERGY STAR appliances (HVAC system, refrigerator, dishwasher, wash/dryer, etc.), a passive solar layout, and smart home features. Passive solar homes incorporate south-facing windows with overhead coverage (trees and/or awnings). These homes stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer; the design also utilizes ceiling fans to circulate air throughout the home. A smart home is more efficient because it uses technology to control energy savings. Appliances might be monitored via an app on a phone or tablet to ensure that energy consumption control is a simple tap away.
  • What makes a home sustainable?
    A sustainable home focuses on materials that do not remove additional environmental resources. They may be constructed out of reclaimed or recycled materials and often include numerous eco-friendly features. Some homes are self-sufficient; they use solar panels or a wind turbine to generate electricity. These homes also could include geothermal systems that use the temperature from the ground to help warm and cool the home.
  • Why is energy efficiency important?
    As more consumers learn about climate change and the home’s environmental impact, making energy-efficient choices allows them to minimize their impact on the planet. Energy-efficient appliances and features use less energy to do their job. This equals financial savings for the homeowner and also minimizes the burden on energy providers. Energy-efficient fixtures, appliances, and features benefit the planet and the wallet.
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