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Artisan Team Trusted for Interior Updates to a Home on the National Register of Historic Place

Preserving the historical integrity and beauty of homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places is crucial to maintaining its unique beauty and architectural significance. However, only registered homes that are tied to federal grants or federal funding must abide by certain care and renovation standards. 

Many owners living in these homes take immense pride in preserving the structure and ensuring every new update adheres to a historically accurate design. Artisan Constructors recently managed design details and construction for an interior update to a home within Clayton’s Historic Carrswold Subdivision. 

About the Carrswold Historic District 

Most homes in the Carrswold Subdivision were built in the 1920s, and many were designed by renowned local architects Maritz & Young. Landscape architect Jens Jensen designed the beautiful landscaping for the neighborhood; Jensen was born in Denmark and established his design practice in Chicago. The Carrswold Subdivision was nominated for the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

Maritz & Young Homes 

Maritz & Young were Raymond Maritz and William Ridgley Young. Maritz was the son of Edward Maritz, who founded a jewelry company that later transformed into the marketing company Maritz, Inc. (located off Highway 44 in Fenton). Maritz & Young designed homes for the biggest names in St. Louis, including the Price family (Vincent’s parents). 

Numerous Maritz & Young homes are included on the National Register of Historic Places. However, many of these homes are privately owned and not open to the public. 

The Aloys S. Herz House 

The Aloys S. Herz House dates from 1926-1928. Herz took over the Peter Oakes Candy Company, renaming it the Herz-Oakes Candy Co. Paperwork from the Registry indicates that Herz was President of the National Association of Retail Confectioners. 

Maritz & Young designed the Aloys S. Herz home in the Tudor revival style. The two-story brick home sprawls over 5,200 square feet and rests on nearly 1.25 acres. It features six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms; numerous bay windows accentuate the front exterior design. 

Interior Updates to the Aloys S. Herz House 

Artisan Constructors was contracted to provide interior framing and interior millwork updates to the Aloys S. Herz House, located in the Carrswold Historic District. The project required that Artisan adhere to the historic structural design of all surrounding millwork, ensuring that these new updates cohesively blended to all historic details. 

Historically Accurate Renovations for National Register Homes 

Owners of homes listed on the National Register desire to keep the structure and surrounding landscaping as close as possible to the original design from when the home was built. Artisan Constructors manages design-build projects customized to each client's needs and demands. 

The company works closely with architects to deliver a historically accurate design and aesthetic that blends seamlessly with the original structure of the home.

For homeowners interested in working with Artisan on a project for a historic home renovation, schedule a consultation to better understand our design processes and our custom craftsmanship.

About Artisan Constructors

Founded in 1998, Artisan Constructors specializes in custom residential construction for clients who demand excellence in the build and design process and appreciate the highest quality materials, finishes, and structural details that are hallmarks of custom Artisan craftsmanship. Artisan Constructors takes a no-nonsense approach to construction management and understands that each custom project is as unique as each client.


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