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Planning the Perfect Horse Stables Requires a Custom Builder with Equine Expertise

Artisan Constructors design and built custom-made horse stable for equine expertise  in the St. Louis, MO area.

Boarding stables provide convenient lodging for horse owners to care for and house their horses, but these public facilities can be costly and many miles from home. Homeowners with vast acreage do not want to drive long distances to care for their horses, and they might discover that building a custom stable on their property is a more practical and affordable long-term solution.

Families with children who are active in equestrian sports and competitions also want to create a space for young equestrians to practice jumps and riding skills. Other homeowners simply want a private stable for the on-property facility's beauty and practicality.

Artisan Constructors manages the design-build process of custom horse stables for homeowners who desire a private space on their property dedicated to equine interests. Tom Roberts, owner of Artisan Constructors, and his team work with homeowners to design the ideal space for their horses.

Artisan Constructors design and built custom-made horse stable with opened sliding doors for equine expertise  in the St. Louis, MO area.

Designing a Modern Barn

Artisan partners with equine retailers to incorporate the necessary elements for each stable design. Stall details for previous equine projects included heavy knotty pine doors and walls accented with wrought iron elements. Chandeliers or other lighting styles are used to elevate a traditional barn into a modern and contemporary stable.

Modern barns can also feature loft areas for additional square footage and space. Past equine projects from Artisan Constructors have integrated a 1 ½ story layout with a small loft for tack storage and other necessities. In addition, adjacent riding areas are constructed to provide homeowners with a private practice arena.

Artisan offers the design-build capabilities to create a unique stable to meet each homeowner's custom preferences and budget. As each property includes acreage specifications and limitations, the Artisan team helps homeowners understand the design that will work best for the property.

The Classic Red Barn

The red barn is the classic standard depiction. Storybook barns that feature the notable red hue and large barn doors are always an option for homeowners who want a more traditional home for their horses. If the classic barn is the focus, Artisan can work with homeowners to design the perfect red barn that looks straight out of a story.

Why Are Barns Red?

For homeowners (or homebuyers) who have always wondered why a red barn is such a classic look on farms and properties across the country, the reason makes ‘cents!’ According to This Old House, white paint was cost prohibitive, but red paint was affordable. This is how and why those large barns were painted red. Fun fact: white paint was white because it included lead (and lead was expensive).

Artisan Constructors interior wood designed and built custom-made horse stable for equine expertise  in the St. Louis, MO area.

Stables to Complement Custom Homes

Many homeowners want their barn to complement their home. When designing custom homes, Artisan can partner with homeowners to design a barn or stable with design configurations and stylized elements similar to their home.

Barns or stables can match the design of the home or integrate specific features or materials to ensure the home and the stable showcase cohesively on the property.

Barn Pictures: Equine Projects from Artisan

Homeowners who need or want inspiration for their home stable can explore concepts and layouts. Check out the stable design slideshow to understand the equine expertise of Artisan Constructors.


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