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Artisan Constructors, Bower Leet Design Project Recognized by St. Louis Magazine

Updated: May 16

Living Room design by Bower Leet Design & Artisans Constructors design of an open-plan kitchen fora. 1970s inspired home. recognized by the Modern Interior Design award

Artisan Constructors brought to life Bower Leet Design’s modern concept open-plan kitchen for a 1970s home. St. Louis Magazine recognized the project with the Modern Interior Design award as part of the publication’s annual Architect & Designer Awards.

Each year, the magazine recognizes the best designs in the region. The winning project transformed a less than 300-square-foot outdated space into a high-end mid-century modern kitchen; it was designed by Bower Leet Design with construction management services provided by Artisan Constructors. The team brought to life Bower Leet’s designs and created a unique space that infused vintage design elements with modern flair.

Kitchen design by Bower Leet Design & Artisans Constructors design of an open-plan kitchen fora. 1970s inspired home. recognized by the Modern Interior Design award

Creating a Midcentury Modern Kitchen

The project’s unique focal point was a European wall-mounted fireplace, which featured an elongated flue that dropped into a small oval fireplace. This design element was one of many in the project that married elegant mid-century form with proper everyday function. The working fireplace serves as a striking sculptural centerpiece and an energy-efficient heating source during cold midwestern winters.

Design Challenge: Maximize a Small Kitchen

With only 300 square feet, maximizing every square foot was essential to providing the homeowners with room to entertain their guests and store their essentials. Artisan explored unexpected design elements to elevate the project's form and function. For example, space beneath the stairs offered additional storage options.

Opening up and brightening the room created the illusion of a larger area. Artisan Constructors installed windows to illuminate the room and help transform 300 square feet into a spacious kitchen. The windows also provided a peek into the lush outdoor green space.

70’s Inspired Decor: Updated and Classy

Custom cabinetry elevated the design while nodding to the mid-century modern aesthetic and staying true to the spirit of the 70s. Built-in shelves also complimented the 70s design and provided more storage for the homeowners.

Elegant hardwood floors extend throughout the space. The design team and Artisan worked closely to ensure the wood floors seamlessly matched the other wood elements of the room. Even the built–in retro-inspired sofa blended perfectly into the space.

The award-winning kitchen required a close partnership between the architect, designer, and the team at Artisan Constructors. The result was an updated mid-century modern, spacious kitchen that was small in size yet ideal for hosting guests. While the completed design stayed true to the ‘70s, vintage-inspired amenities and furnishings ensured that the room remained elegant and not kitschy.

About Artisan Constructors

Founded in 1998, Artisan Constructors specializes in custom residential construction for clients who demand excellence in the build and design process and appreciate the highest quality materials, finishes, and structural details that are hallmarks of custom Artisan craftsmanship. Artisan Constructors takes a no-nonsense approach to construction management and understands that each custom project is as unique as each client.


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